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Artwork Requirements

Artwork should be delivered 20 days prior to a scheduled display date and formatted to the specifications below. 

Mechanical Proportion + Scale: 

  • 1/2” = 1’ @ 300 ppi 


Digital File Specifications: 

  • Adobe Creative Cloud software accepted: Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign

  • Preferred file formats:

    • Illustrator/InDesign: Press ready PDF

    • Photoshop: CMYK TIF files using LZW compression

  • Convert all fonts to outlines

  • Embed all graphics

  • Specify Solid to Process Pantone colors (using Solid to Process library)

Production + Shipping Info

7.5 oz vinyl
Please create 3” pockets for installation. 


Production Considerations:

  • 5% overage for large showing levels

  • Verify final sizes and specs with your MV Outdoor representative prior to the production of any artwork 


Shipping Requirements:
Clients who supply finished materials must ensure they are received 10 days prior to the contract installation date.

  • We also request:

    • Materials may be shipped in a box or a sleeve

    • A label with a picture of the design is attached to the outside of the box or sleeve 

Contact your MV Outdoor Advertising representative for shipping instructions.

(530) 701-8999

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